Underfloor Space Saving and Simple to Install

Plusheat Infrared carbon fibre underfloor heating film technology combines the best to offer of modern nanotechnology. This remarkably effective underfloor heating system can be installed quickly under all floor types including carpet, wood, tile and lino.

Only needing to cover 70% of the floor area it keeps costs to a minimum. The infrared element begins to warm the room as soon as the system is switched on. Having no moving parts, it requires just a standard electric plug.

Features of Plusheat Underfloor

  • Ultra thin, heating film only 0.38mm
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 200 watts per square metre at 800mm widths
  • Suitable to install under all floor types
  • Fireproof with 15-year manufacturers warranty
  • Only 70% coverage of the floor surface needed
Code Size (m) Area (m²) Coverage (m²)
PLUS-KTH33 3 x 3 9 Up to 13
PLUS-KTH34 3 x 4 12 Up to 17
PLUS-KTH35 3 x 5 15 Up to 21.5
PLUS-KTH44 4 x 4 16 Up to 23
PLUS-KTH45 4 x 5 20 Up to 28.5
PLUS-KTH46 4 x 6 24 Up to 34
PLUS-KTH55 5 x 5 25 Up to 36
PLUS-KTH56 5 x 6 30 Up to 43
PLUS-KTH57 5 x 7 35 Up to 50

Note: Do not lay floor directly onto polyethylene cover, thin set or magnesium board should be used depending on floor type

Product Specifications
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Thermostat Required

All Plusheat panels must be used in conjunction with a thermostat control system, they are not stand alone heating panels, all panels supplied come with a certified A+ energy rating certificate.