Smart Controls Convenience In One Touch

Smart Link – Controlling your Heating
To get the most out of your PlusHeat infrared heating system you can control it, each panel at a time from anywhere in the world. This can be done by a free app from a tablet, smart phone or computer.

Electric Switches and Thermostats – Reduce Energy Costs
Your costs can be greatly reduced by ensuring that each room and infrared panel is controlled independently. If a room is not being used then the temperature can be turned down to save energy and money.

Sensors and Monitoring – Expanding the System
By adding door and window sensors you can control when your heating should go up, down or off to ensure your home is at a comfortable temperature 24 hours a day while still reducing your energy costs.

Code Description Price
PLUS-LW930 WiFi Link €95.00
PLUS-LW934 Electric Switch €90.00
PLUS-LW950 Wall Mounted Tablet €363.00
PLUS-LW960 Underfloor Heating Control with Probe €220.00
PLUS-HT06 Hardwired Controller Thermostat €89.00
PLUS-HR02 Plugin Receiver €72.00
PLUS-HR03 Hardwired Receiver €69.00
PLUS-WT08 LCD Thermostat €99.00
Product Specifications
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Thermostat Required

All Plusheat panels must be used in conjunction with a thermostat control system, they are not stand alone heating panels, all panels supplied come with a certified A+ energy rating certificate.

Wattage Calculator

Underfloor Sizing Guide

Code Size (m) Area (m²) Coverage (m²)
PLUS-KTH33 3 x 3 9 13
PLUS-KTH34 3 x 4 12 17
PLUS-KTH35 3 x 5 15 21.5
PLUS-KTH44 4 x 4 16 23
PLUS-KTH45 4 x 5 20 28.5
PLUS-KTH46 4 x 6 24 34
PLUS-KTH55 5 x 5 25 36
PLUS-KTH56 5 x 6 30 43
PLUS-KTH57 5 x 7 35 50

Plusheat products must be installed by a Qualified RECI Electrician Dismiss