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SQ610RF SALUS Quantum Thermostat

The NEW Quantum SQ610RF thermostat is the latest innovative addition to the SALUS portfolio. This sleek and stylish thermostat is the slimmest on the market at only 10mm thick. It has a long battery life, thanks to its state of the art built in rechargeable lithium battery. All stats are RF linked via Zigbee 2.4 GHz communication for easy connection with your SALUS Smart Home controls.

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    Control either locally or from anywhere via Smartphone, Tablet or PC. With innovation, science and quality in one, the new Quantum SQ610RF thermostat is feature packed to ensure that your clients have perfect control over their heating system.

    Basic Specification

    Power supply thermostat

    LI-ION Battery


    5°C ~ 35°C


    86mm x 86mm x 11mm (HxWxD)

    RF Frequency

    2.4 Ghz (up to 30m range)


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    Wattage Calculator

    Underfloor Sizing Guide

    Code Size (m) Area (m²) Coverage (m²)
    PLUS-KTH33 3 x 3 9 13
    PLUS-KTH34 3 x 4 12 17
    PLUS-KTH35 3 x 5 15 21.5
    PLUS-KTH44 4 x 4 16 23
    PLUS-KTH45 4 x 5 20 28.5
    PLUS-KTH46 4 x 6 24 34
    PLUS-KTH55 5 x 5 25 36
    PLUS-KTH56 5 x 6 30 43
    PLUS-KTH57 5 x 7 35 50
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