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Smart Home Range SB600 Smart Button

The Smart Button is used to trigger the “One touch” and “My Status” rules that you have created for your SALUS Smart Home system. Normally “One touch” and “My Status” rules are triggered via the SALUS Smart Home app, however the Smart Button provides an additional method. This product must be used with the Universal Gateway UG600 and the SALUS Smart Home App.

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    • Can be configured for single or 3 phase
    • Configuration done via the Smart Home app
    • In single phase mode it can measure overall electric consumption + 3 additional zones
    • Hourly/weekly/monthly usage display
    • Easy installation – No engineer/electrician required
    • Simple clamp system clamped around existing electricity cables at main fuse board
    • 5 year warranty

    Additional Information

    Power Supply:

    2 x AAA Batteries

    Wireless Standard:

    2.4Ghz Zigbee

    Size (mm):

    W-59 H-59 D-18





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    Wattage Calculator

    Underfloor Sizing Guide

    Code Size (m) Area (m²) Coverage (m²)
    PLUS-KTH33 3 x 3 9 13
    PLUS-KTH34 3 x 4 12 17
    PLUS-KTH35 3 x 5 15 21.5
    PLUS-KTH44 4 x 4 16 23
    PLUS-KTH45 4 x 5 20 28.5
    PLUS-KTH46 4 x 6 24 34
    PLUS-KTH55 5 x 5 25 36
    PLUS-KTH56 5 x 6 30 43
    PLUS-KTH57 5 x 7 35 50
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