Printed Panels

Plusheat offers a choice of images for printed panels, as well as custom printed panels using your own image if desired. These custom panels can be printed with an image of your choice so that it has a dual function of both looking like a piece of art on the wall while also heating your home.

Choose from any of the Aluminium Panels available with a standard print, or supply your own image and we will custom print this for you with a family photo, beautiful scenery or any other image provide the quality is high enough.

Positioned correctly, you can heat your whole room from one, or a number of panels depending on the square footage. Using the Plusheat printed panels your home will be both beautiful and warm without the need for ugly radiators or additional heating methods that both take up room and can interfere with the room layout you desire.

Code Wattage (w) Size (mm) Weight (kg) Heat Coverage (m²)
PLUS-IH35 350 595 x 595 x 22 4.5 Up to 6
PLUS-IH50 500 595 x 795 x 22 8.5 Up to 8
PLUS-IH80 800 595 x 1195 x 22 9.8 Up to 13
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350W Panel Images

500W Panel Images

800W Panel Images

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Thermostat Required

All Plusheat panels must be used in conjunction with a thermostat control system, they are not stand alone heating panels, all panels supplied come with a certified A+ energy rating certificate.