Example Running Costs – 1 Bed Apartment in Dublin

Plusheat was installed in my apartment approximately 6 weeks ago. I was previously spending up to €35 a week on my heating and since installation, the cost is now less than half of what it was. The apartment heats up almost immediately, I can control the heating remotely from an app on my phone and i am now in control of how much energy I use. The panels are sleek in design and no longer take up space in the rooms. I am very happy with the system and would highly recommend Plusheat to anybody looking to change their heating system.

Donna Maher, Dublin City Council Tenant Eastwall, Dublin 3

The below graphs represent the entire heating costs for a 1 bedroom apartment.

Energy Monitor
April 2017 – September 2018

Unit Rate: 17c /Kwh
Total Usage: 2502.5 Kwh
Total Cost: €425.40