Comparing Infrared Heating with Convection Heating

Infrared heating compared with new technologies such as air / water heat pumps or biomass can offer significantly quicker payback times due to lower costs of purchase, installation, maintenance and running costs.

5 Ways infrared heating can save you money

  • You can set your thermostat 2 degrees lower with infrared heaters because they warm objects that radiate the heat.
  • Infrared heaters use less power to heat a room than traditional heating because heat is not lost with through circulation of the air.
  • Infrared heating can run off electricity from renewable sources like solar PV.
  • Our heaters require no maintenance so you can save hundreds of pounds on yearly servicing.
  • Our heaters are compatible with thermostats and motion sensors ensuring you are only paying for the heating that you need.

Total cost of ownership includes

  • Purchase Cost

  • Installation Cost

  • Annual Running Cost

  • Maintenance Cost

  • Replacement Cost

Can deliver up to 60% savings on energy usage over traditional electric heating.

All figures are taken from the Energy Saving Trust website calculations for a 3 bedroom house and from manufacturers website. Government grants and subsidies are not included.